Pol. Ind Ugarte, naves C16-C17
Bº Barrondo 48480
Zaratamo - BIZKAIA
Tlf: +34 946 713 777
Fax: +34 946 714 143


EMACRYL S.A. is part of the Chemical sector.Founded in 1975,it has a history of ongoing growth and technological evolution, and is a specialist in the manufacture of thermoplastic material pieces using thermoforming transformation.From our modern facilities at Zarátamo in Bizkaia,with an effective surface area of 2000 m2, we use cutting edge machinery to carry out the execution of all stages of the project, from the construction of moulds for prototypes through to the manufacture of large series.Our costumers can count on a human and the technical team with great experience in the thermoforming, along with the guarantee of our participation in impotant national and international projects.

Sectors and references

    Selgascano Arquitectos
    SELGASCANO ARQUITECTOS - Clear pmma pieces 20mm thickness thermoconformed
  • Pieza de Ferrocarril
    Lampshades for lamps and pilot lights
    Polycarbonate lampshades for lamps and pilot lights
  • Totem Shell
    Totem Shell
    Emblem SHELL thermoconformed and decorated in pmma for 8000 sites
  • Sprint
    Sign SPRINT pmma thermoformed for Repsol sites
    Thermoformed and chromed sign in ABS for the new image RENAULT in European market


Our speciality: Vacuum THERMOFORMING and MOULDING of any thermoplastic material such us: PMMA Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, PTG, ABS, etc. We have different machinery according to dimensions final thermoformed or moulded part, with the capacity in offering the best solutions for big dimensions parts up to 5.000mm x 2.000 or 3.000mm thanks to our technology and special machinery.
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