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Advertising and corporate identity

Seat Labeling
AUDIKA Thermoformed Signs in pmma decorated with screenprintingfor French market
BBK - Lettering in translucent pmma material
CITROEN - Logo and text in pmma decorated
CORREOS - Thermoformed and decorated Correos Fascia sign
LA-POSTE - Thermoformed logo in corporative pmma with adhesive decorationfor French market
MAGNETI-MARELLI - Thermoformed Face pmma with screenprinting
Thermoformed and chromed sign in ABSfor the new image RENAULT in european market
SANTA-CASA - JOGOS Thermoformed Face in ABS screenprinted in corporative colours for Portugal market
TOYOTA - Lettering-Logotypes thermoformed in corporative red colouredpmma
Sign SPRINTpmma thermoformedfor REPSOL
Nissan - Illuminatedpartsfor totem thermoformed
TELEBANCO 4B - Thermoformed and decorated logo Telebanco 4B ident
Project SHELL new image for 8000 services stations internationally.Shell logo thermoformed on impast acrylic sheet and decorated vinyl.
Coca Cola - Decorated vending machine front panel
Front and rear creyf's fascia signs, thermoformed and decorated
Thermoformed and decorated McDonald´s logo
llfuminated Sign SUZUKI thermoformed

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