Our company offers machinery to carry out all transformation processes necessary for a thermoplastic product required by customer:

  • Milling system: “HUBER&GRIMME 5 axes milling system and 3 axes milling system”
  • Laser cutting system: “CUTLITE PENTA acrylic laser cutting system”
  • Bending: “MEBUSA machine”
  • Decoration: decoration of parts with screenprinting processes and/or decorative adhesive vinyls (3M, Mac-Tac, Avery…): “SVECIA 2x2 Mts Screenprinting machine”
    “ROLAND vinyl cutting plotter system”
    “IMAGE vinyl lamination system”
HUBER&GRlMME 3 axes milling system
HUBER&GRlMME 5 axes milling system
IMAGE vinyllamination system
CUTLITE PENTA acrylic laser cutting system
SVECIA 2x2 Mts Screenprinting machine
MEBUSA machine
ROLAND vinyl cutting plotter system

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