Our speciality: Vacuum THERMOFORMING and MOULDING of any thermoplastic material such us: PMMA Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, PTG, ABS, etc.

Thermoforming advantages:

* Moulds and tooling at low prices
* Possibility of manufacturing prototypes at low cost and in a short time
* Possibility of manufacturing big dimensions pieces

Our 30 years experience in this field supports us and our technical department offers you cooperation and advice in developing all projects, so as to adapt the design of parts to vacuum thermoforming system as required.

EMACRYL has available advanced technology machinery with which to carry out all the stages of any thermoforming project: starting from the construction of the moulds and tooling, manufacture of first prototypes and medium-short batches or the manufacture of long runs.

We offer different type of machinery depending on the dimensions and needs of final part to be thermoformed o moulded, being able to offer solutions for big dimensions parts up to 5.000mm x 3.000mm thanks to our technology and special machinery.ery.

Automatic thermoforming system GEISS
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